Snowbasin Intro to Avalanches

What: Learn how to safely travel outside the resort boundaries. This workshop begins with a three hour evening class followed by an on-the-snow field day. Taught by Craig Gordon and several others from the Utah Avalanche Center and members of Snowbasin Ski Patrol. Plan to learn the following-

·       Understanding types of avalanches and how they happen

·       How weather affects avalanche risk

·       How to identify and avoid avalanche terrain

·       Using the local avalanche forecast to understand current conditions

·       Identifying dangerous avalanche conditions in the field

·       Safe travel protocol

·       Understanding how we make decisions in the backcountry

·       Companion rescue techniques



Thursday February 6th & Saturday February 8th

On Thursday night, a forecaster will use videos, slides, stories and class exercises to explain avalanche characteristics, snowpack fundamentals, clues to instability, terrain assessment, safe travel techniques, rescue techniques and decision-making.


On Saturday, we will meet and make travel plans based on current conditions. 

Requirements & Logistics

Where – Thursday 6-9 pm at Amer, Saturday 8:30 to 4:00 at Snowbasin

When- Thur February 6th  (indoors)  and Saturday February 8th  (on the snow)

Cost- $50 (does not include lift ticket). Registration is limited to 25 people.

Instructor Name
Craig Gordon
Instructor Name
Scott Fetters
The first name of the person attending the event
The last name of the person attending the event
We require all students to carry a beacon, shovel and probe which we have a limited amount to loan out. Do you need to borrow an avalanche beacon/transceiver?
Do you need to borrow a shovel?
Do you need to borrow an avalanche probe?
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