Motorized Backcountry 101

Learn riding and avalanche skills from the pros in a 1 evening/1 day class with a Utah Avalanche Center forecaster.  Riding in the backcountry is safer and more fun when you understand avalanches and have solid riding skills. Nobody wants to be that partner that can't be part of the decisions making process or be counted on during a rescue.

February 9 at Grand County Search and Rescue & February 10 Location TBD

Spend an evening learning the basics and a day on the snow with the pros to learn how to get out in the backcountry, have fun, and come home ready to do it again.  Got kids ready to get in the backcountry? This is a great way to introduce new riders to the backcountry and to get out with family and friends.  Minimum age 14 - contact Eric Trenbeath ( if you want to bring someone younger.


On Saturday, we will head into the backcountry. Eric Trenbeath and the Utah Avalanche Center  instructors will take the class out for a day of riding, showing you how to identify avalanche terrain and travel safely through the terrain. We'll get you up to speed on how to use your rescue gear to find and rescue a buried partner.  We will talk about choosing the right terrain for the current avalanche conditions and when it's appropriate to get onto steep slopes. 

Requirements & Logistics

Riding Ability: Must have solid all-mountain riding skills. 

Gear:  You will need...

  • Snowmobile or Snowbike
  • ‚ÄčA Backpack with avalanche safety gear (shovel, probe) stored inside. 
    • Food
    • Water
    • Beacon
    • Shovel
    • Probe

Friday:  We’ll meet from 6:00-9:00pm at Grand County Search and Rescue.

Saturday:  Saturday's field day location is TBD.

Do you have your own personal avalanche safety gear? If not, check out the "Fitting Room" to purchase your own safety gear. Every purchase from the link benefits the Utah Avalanche Center. Click the link here.

Cancellation policy: Our classes generally fill up.  If you can't attend the class, please let us know by 5pm Friday afternoon the week before class for a partial refund- We will refund all but $25. If you cancel after that but more than 24 hours before the evening class, we'll refund all but $65 of your fee. After 5 pm the day before class, there will be no refund. 

For questions or more information contact

Instructor Name
Eric Trenbeath
The first name of the person attending the event
The last name of the person attending the event
Please check the mode of transportation you intend to use during the course.
We require all students to carry a beacon, shovel and probe which we have a limited amount to loan out. Do you need to borrow an avalanche beacon/transceiver?
Do you need to borrow a shovel?
Do you need to borrow an avalanche probe?
No students under 18 on field day without waiver signed by parent. No refunds without waiver. Click HERE for waiver
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