Companion Rescue Fundamentals

You and your partners count on each other in the backcountry.  The way to become competent at rescue skills is to practice.

Join the Utah Avalanche Center and avalanche professionals to hone your partner rescue skills, covering scene assessment, beacon searching, probing, strategic digging, and packaging and transporting an injured partner. This class is a great early- season refresher for experienced backcountry travelers. 

February 6 at Weller Recreation

During this class we are going to discuss all aspects of rescue, for a rescue in your own group, to a rescue for someone else's. The first step is to not get caught. This is a high stress situation that we will help you learn to work through quickly and effectively. We will provide you with the tools to manage the scene, work effectively as a team, how to use your equipment and how to manage the victim. 


Practice, Practice, Practice

Outside we will split into groups and work on scene management, teamwork, avalanche transceivers, transceiver search techniques, probing, shoveling and extricating a live victim. 

Requirements & Logistics

You must have a beacon, shovel, probe and headlamp  You should dress and bring the pack and contents you would normally have when you head into the backcountry. 

We will be moving around on foot- you do not need to bring your skis, snowmobile, snowboard or snowshoes. 

This class is for all skiers, snowboarders, snowmobilers and snowshoers 

We will be meeting inside Wellers at 5:30pm. We will be indoors for a while before heading outside. 

Do you have your own personal avalanche safety gear? If not, check out the "Fitting Room" to purchase your own safety gear. Every purchase from the link benefits the Utah Avalanche Center. Click the link here.

Instructor Name
Craig Gordon
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We require all students to carry a beacon, shovel and probe which we have a limited amount to loan out. Do you need to borrow an avalanche beacon/transceiver?
Do you need to borrow a shovel?
Do you need to borrow an avalanche probe?
No students under 18 on field day without waiver signed by parent. No refunds without waiver. Click HERE for waiver
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