UAC Podcast - Bringing People and Ideas Together - A Conversation with Lynne Wolfe

Drew Hardesty
In this episode, we sit down with Lynne Wolfe.  Lynne has been a long time mountain guide for both Exum and Jackson Hole Mountain Guides, taught innumerable avalanche courses for AAI, NOLS, and Yostmark and perhaps most importantly has been the long time editor of The Avalanche Review, the publication of the American Avalanche Association.  Lynne shines at bringing people and ideas together across all of the physical and psychological spectrums in the avalanche community to the benefit of all of her readers of The Avalanche Review.  She says "this is my life's work.  To get people to talk about the important things."  And she does.  Last year, she was named in the top 10 of mentors across the avalanche community.
Lynne is one of the co-founders of the Wyoming Snow and Avalanche Workshop and mc's the event each year.  At last fall's workshop I (a co-founder as well) had the distinct honor and privilege to introduce Lynne to the crowd before she gave one of her powerful presentations - The Importance of the Debrief.  I had a short presentation about Lynne and talked too long but she received a standing ovation all the same.  Even with tears welling up in her eyes, she pulled off the presentation.  Again. 
Thanks Lynne Wolfe. 
Lynne wanted to provide a link to Ed LaChapelle's essay, The Ascending Spiral (page 7)

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