Changes to the UAC Forecast Page

Mark Staples
This page is a rough draft to describe changes we made to the forecast page. To start we changed the official name from "avalanche advisory" to the more commonly used name of "avalanche forecast".
We'll build a better page that tells how to use the forecast, but for now this blog post should capture some of the major changes.
The attached PDF document describes the avalanche problems the UAC has adopted from the European Avalanche Warning Services.
It describes:
  1. New snow
  2. Wind-drifted snow
  3. Persistent weak layer
  4. Wet Snow
  5. Gliding Snow
  6. Cornice
  7. Normal Caution
I have been using your site for years. I like the new format. It's easy to understand, gives me all the info I need and should be very user friendly, even for beginning backcountry users, Good job !!!
Rick Estes
Mon, 11/26/2018

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