12th Annual Utah Snow & Avalanche Workshop Open and Motorized Sessions November 2.

Avalanche Fatalities

Table view - Map view
Date Region Trigger # Killed
12/24/2008 Logan Accident: Logan Peak Snowmobiler 2
12/14/2008 Salt Lake Accident: Snowbird Ski Resort Skier 1
12/31/2007 Uintas Accident: Co-op Creek Snowmobiler 1
12/25/2007 Uintas Accident: Super Bowl Snowmobiler 1
12/23/2007 Salt Lake Accident: Canyons Ski Resort Skier 1
2/21/2007 Salt Lake Accident: Gobblers Knob Skier 1
2/18/2007 Ogden Accident: Hells Canyon Skier 1
2/17/2007 Uintas Accident: Buck Basin Snowmobiler 1
2/17/2007 None Accident: Signal Mountain Snowmobiler 1
4/3/2006 Salt Lake Accident: Pioneer Peak Snowboarder 1
3/11/2006 Ogden Accident: Taylor Canyon Snowboarder 1
12/31/2005 Provo Accident: Emerald Lake Unknown 1
3/31/2005 Ogden Accident: Whiskey Hill Snowmobiler 1
1/14/2005 Salt Lake Accident: Dutch Draw Snowboarder 1
1/8/2005 Skyline Accident: Chokecherry Ridge Snowmobiler 1
1/8/2005 Skyline Accident: Ephraim Canyon Snowboarder 1
12/11/2004 Salt Lake Accident: Mineral Fork Unknown 2
12/11/2004 Uintas Accident: Trout Creek Snowmobiler 1
12/10/2004 Salt Lake Accident: Twin Lakes Pass Skier 1
2/26/2004 Salt Lake Accident: Daly Canyon Snowshoer 1
12/26/2003 Provo Accident: Aspen Grove Natural 3
2/15/2003 Salt Lake Accident: Gobblers Knob Skier 1
3/16/2002 Salt Lake Accident: Pioneer Peak Snowboarder 2
1/31/2002 Uintas Accident: Windy Ridge Skier 1
4/28/2001 Salt Lake Accident: Stairs Gulch Natural 2

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