Avalanche: Days Fork

Observer Name
Observation Date
Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Occurrence Date
Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Occurence Time


Location Name or Route
We were skinning up from BCC, and while ascending the ridge that separates Days Draw and Lazy we noticed this natural. Photo below was taken at noon, and it hadn't slid prior to our ascent of the ridge. Aspect was E, with a touch of SE in it, and it may have began as a point release off the steeper and rockier section above that has more South in it, then as it hit the gully entrained taking roughly 2 ft of snow with it and was approx 50 to 60ft wide. Of note we also dug an ECT on the E facing slopes of Lazy Days, 9,100 feet : ECTNR in a 160cm height of snow. However the snow was very weak (pole shoving to bottom weak), and perhaps was similar to what exists is E facing Mineral, just it didn't have a load on top of it to tip the scale. Also, here's a photo of the slide reported by DaveE in Main Days. This slot which exists on the lower roll, skier's right of the main gully, has repeated a couple times this year, and two weeks ago I skied above/past it noticing how much shallower the snow was in those bottom rolls compared to the rest of Main Days.