Avalanche: Alta Periphery

Observer Name
Observation Date
Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Occurrence Date
Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Location Name or Route
Catherine's area
Slope Angle
Yesterday my son was skiing at Alta. In Catherine's area he triggered a small wind slab avalanche which knocked him of his feet and carried his ski away. Slope was short and steep. (Sorry, the photo is a pic of a pic as the app only lets me take a pic with the UAC app not from my library) Alta Patrol responded and helped him look but his ski was not found. They got him a loaner and he skied out. I skinned up with a metal detector and still couldn't find the ski. Point release which spread maybe 10-15'. 6-8" crown. Ran 40' or so from release point but that's difficult to determine as there were a lot of footprints looking for the ski. (An older Rossi Scratch if you happen to find it.) debris seemed to pile 1-3' deep but again it was hard to determine from all the searching.