Avalanche: Zanavoo Gully

Observer Name
Eric and Amy Flygare
Observation Date
Friday, January 13, 2017
Occurrence Date
Friday, January 13, 2017
Occurence Time


Location Name or Route

One the way down the canyon this afternoon we noticed a recent large slide in the canyon right behind the old Zanavoo Restaurant.  The slide started on a steep north facing slope around 7600 feet and traveled 2400 vertical feet down to 5200 feet.  There was no fresh snow on the debris pile so it likely happened yesterday or today before 2:00.  It was a pretty impressive slide gouging down to dirt and mud and leaving a significant pile 10-15 feet deep.

We noticed other recent activity while we were out today but not nearly what we expected after seeing the large destructive avalanches in virtually every canyon on the Wellsvilles.  Below is a list of other slides that we saw today:

Thurston Hollow:  We saw a large avalanche, approximately 1/3 mile wide at the crown. At the head of Thurston Hollow (a south fork of Hyde Park Canyon).  The crown encompassed most of the bowl on slopes facing WSW through NW at 8400 feet elevation.  We could not see the runout zone but the width of the crown was impressive. 

Steammill Peak:  A 100 wide foot pocket release mid slope on an east facing slope between Steam mill 2nd and 3rd Peak.  The pocket was at 8900 feet elevation.

State Line Bowl:  It looked like the Southern end of the bowl slid during the storm.  The slide was on an East facing slope around 8800 feet elevation

Tab Hollow:  A 400 foot wide avalanche was also notice on a northeast facing slope in Tab Hollow.  The crown was mid slope at an elevation of 8200 feet.  We could not see how far the slide ran


We found surprisingly stable conditions where we rode today.  We stayed on mostly east facing slopes between 8600 and 6500 feet.  We did not notice any collapsing or cracking of any kind.  There is a significant layer of rime on the ridgelines and surface hoar is grow in many areas.  We tested several steeper slopes by dropping 15-20 foot cliffs onto the slopes with no results.