Avalanche: Wolverine Cirque

Observer Name
Observation Date
Monday, March 11, 2019
Avalanche Date
Monday, March 11, 2019
Wolverine Cirque
Location Name or Route
Wolverine cirque
Beautiful day, great snow! I unintentionally Triggered a  small slab, There is no way to make me sound good on this one.
This  is skiers left of huge chute. I was second person in and triggered the slide.
my plan was to spoon partners tracks and not monkey around on walls.  Spooning his track on turn 2,  I noticed the windowpane breaking  above me.  I continued my cut left and headed for left wall.   
I was pretty sure the left wall I was heading for was going to go next,    Fortunately that wall held. I watched the slide go  by.
It was a small slab but  enough to  knock u down but not bury.  runout ok, but would have been a 300' ride ....
I noticed  Density changes in storm snow, on ridge  There was some very light wind effect on ridge. 
On the lap before (last shot skiiers furthest left in cirque that is normally quite narrow) I was able to intentionally trigger a very small Windslab/pocket (15'x10") on a interface of a bench and chute restart.
Interestingly my buddy, who likes to go fast and not turn much, went first  and  triggered nothing other than sluffs on both laps.  We bagged our plans for cirque lap 3.
Last photo- if u can make it out low on apron a v shaped crown from Friday,  grapple pooling.
Sluffs running bit deep today(4-6"). SunLight off and on.  We pushed it.  Another Accurate forcast. 

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