Avalanche: Cardiff Peak

Observer Name
Derek DeBruin
Observation Date
Sunday, November 25, 2018
Avalanche Date
Saturday, November 24, 2018
Cardiff Peak
Location Name or Route
Cardiff Peak/Hellgate East Face
Avalanche occurred on the ENE facing terrain below Cardiff Peak on the east side of Hellgate cliffs. This is near the new Gazex installations. Cause of avalanche was unclear. There was a skin track in the bed surface with two tightly spooned tracks immediately skiers left of the path. Given the skin track and the location of the turns, it did not appear to be a human trigger. The crown was well above the Gazex in the area with no clear activity from the other nearby installations. Consequently, we concluded natural activity but are unsure.
Forecaster Comment: I walked up hill with Bill Nalli from UDOT. He was in the area yesterday and we talked and concluded it was a natural avalanche that ran during the storm. It's also possible that it was a remote from the flats yesterday. The tower in Cardiff Bowl is called a Wyssen tower. It's used to protect Cardiff Bowl from hitting the highway below. Gazex is a bit different system.

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