Avalanche: Sheep Shit Ridge

Observer Name
A. Nielsen
Observation Date
Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Avalanche Date
Monday, January 15, 2018
Sheep Shit Ridge
Location Name or Route
Mill creek/big cottonwood ridge line. Near sheep shit ridge
Went to look for surface hoar in upper Mill creek, they always grow up there and I wanted to take a look. As I was climbing out of Mill creek I was using a ridge that leads up to a point on the wasatch backcountry skiing map on the north west point of sheep shit ridge (9467). The steep NE runs were untouched on Sunday. I call these runs "Spicey mutton". On my skin out of Mill creek I reached a point on the ridge where I could see onto the run out zone and there was avy debris in the pines at the bottom. There were tracks on the face that were not there Sunday. I approached the edge of the ridge to get a better view and had a huge collapse on my second step. I could not get closer to see anything more. Lots of surface hoar intact in upper Mill creek as well. No pits, lots of pole probing...felt very hollow under a thin supportable crust. Icky.

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