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E.g., 10/03/2023
E.g., 10/03/2023
Date Region Observer
4/14/2023 Provo Avalanche: American Fork Kelly, Miller, Wieringa
4/14/2023 Salt Lake Observation: Mill A J. Wright
4/14/2023 Salt Lake Observation: Red Pine Gulch DB
4/14/2023 Provo Observation: Provo Peak Merritt and Dan
4/13/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Mill B South Michael Boman
4/13/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Mill B South Michael B
4/13/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Mt Olympus Eli
4/13/2023 Provo Avalanche: Timpanogos Darren Draper
4/13/2023 Salt Lake Observation: Big Cottonwood Canyon Gagne
4/13/2023 Salt Lake Observation: Twin Lakes area Kelly
4/13/2023 Uintas Observation: Moffit Basin Staples
4/12/2023 Uintas Avalanche: Hayden Brackelsberg
4/12/2023 Provo Avalanche: Timpanogos Brian Smith
4/12/2023 Provo Avalanche: Rock Canyon Dave Jarvis
4/12/2023 Provo Avalanche: Dry Fork Dave Jarvis
4/12/2023 Provo Avalanche: Rock Canyon Dave Jarvis
4/12/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Diving Board J. Wright
4/12/2023 Logan Avalanche: Red Slide weed
4/12/2023 Uintas Avalanche: Upper Setting Staples/Deutschlander
4/12/2023 Salt Lake Observation: Porter Fork Brad Yates
4/11/2023 Logan Avalanche: High Creek Pagnucco
4/11/2023 Logan Avalanche: Tony Grove Area weed
4/11/2023 Logan Avalanche: Blacksmith Fork weed
4/11/2023 Logan Avalanche: Mink Creek weed
4/11/2023 Uintas Avalanche: Super Bowl Hunter Penrose
4/11/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Little Cottonwood Canyon UAC Staff
4/11/2023 Salt Lake Observation: Stairs Gulch Lindsey Fell
4/11/2023 Provo Avalanche: Cascade Ridge Dave Jarvis
4/11/2023 Provo Avalanche: Timpanogos Dave Jarvis
4/11/2023 Logan Avalanche: Pine Canyon weed
4/11/2023 Logan Observation: Tony Grove Lake Chris Benson
4/11/2023 Logan Avalanche: East Banks pagnucco
4/11/2023 Salt Lake Observation: East Canyon S Simonds
4/11/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Raymond Slabs Ambler, Zirk
4/11/2023 Provo Avalanche: Rock Canyon
4/10/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Oquirrh Mountains OG
4/10/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Whitesnake Meadows / Wong
4/10/2023 Provo Avalanche: Aspen Grove Curtis Welborn
4/10/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Mill A Meadows / Wong
4/10/2023 Ogden Avalanche: Ogden Foothills Jake Pruett
4/10/2023 Logan Avalanche: Temple Fork Junction weed
4/10/2023 Ogden Observation: Ben Lomond Doug Wewer
4/10/2023 Ogden Avalanche: Snowbasin Backcountry Doug Wewer
4/10/2023 Ogden Avalanche: Chilly Peak Slabs Doug Wewer
4/10/2023 Ogden Avalanche: Thurston Peak Doug Wewer
4/10/2023 Salt Lake Observation: Lone Peak zee-jay
4/10/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: White Pine Chutes UDOT
4/9/2023 Provo Avalanche: South Fork Provo R. Hardesty
4/9/2023 Logan Avalanche: Mitton Peak, N. Ridge Eric Newell, Balls, UAC STAFF (weed)
4/9/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Lone Peak Jim Bledsoe/ Zee-Jay