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E.g., 07/22/2024
E.g., 07/22/2024
Date Region Observer
6/7/2024 Salt Lake Observation: Suicide Chute Jen S
6/2/2024 Salt Lake Avalanche: Salt Lake Matt Hess
5/30/2024 Uintas Avalanche: Bald Mountain Michael B
5/26/2024 Salt Lake Avalanche: Mill B South Michael B
5/26/2024 Salt Lake Avalanche: Wolverine Cirque Nels
5/22/2024 Skyline Avalanche: Spring Creek Mark Sorensen
5/21/2024 Salt Lake Observation: Baldy
5/20/2024 Salt Lake Observation: Catherines Michael B
5/20/2024 Uintas Avalanche: Bald Mountain Ryan Shea
5/19/2024 Logan Avalanche: Logan David Rosenberg, Patrick Strong
5/19/2024 Salt Lake Avalanche: Baldy EL
5/14/2024 Salt Lake Avalanche: Toledo Bowl Jim
5/13/2024 Salt Lake Avalanche: Little Cottonwood Canyon UAC Staff
5/13/2024 Moab Observation: Laurel Highway Ryan Huels
5/13/2024 Salt Lake Observation: Reynolds Peak Michael Boman
5/12/2024 Salt Lake Avalanche: Little Cottonwood Canyon UAC Staff
5/11/2024 Salt Lake Observation: Raymond Peak JRDIII
5/10/2024 Logan Avalanche: Logan David Rosenberg
5/9/2024 Salt Lake Avalanche: Bells Canyon Ethan Niederhauser
5/9/2024 Salt Lake Accident: Big Willow UAC Staff
5/9/2024 Ogden Observation: Ben Lomond Doug Wewer
5/8/2024 Salt Lake Observation: Little Cottonwood Canyon Will Hobbs
5/7/2024 Salt Lake Avalanche: Bountiful Jacob porter
5/7/2024 Salt Lake Avalanche: Scotties Bowl Sam W
5/7/2024 Salt Lake Observation: Pole Line Pass Staples
5/7/2024 Salt Lake Observation: Silver Fork T Diegel, P Diegel, Patterson
5/7/2024 Salt Lake Observation: Twin Lakes Pass Bruce Tremper
5/6/2024 Salt Lake Observation: Cardiff Pass Barltrop/keegan
5/6/2024 Salt Lake Observation: Brighton Perimeter Hopkins and Hopkins
5/6/2024 Salt Lake Avalanche: Twin Lakes Pass Steve B
5/4/2024 Salt Lake Avalanche: Broads Fork Michael B
5/4/2024 Uintas Observation: Mt. Watson Ryan Wilson
5/3/2024 Uintas Avalanche: Bald Mountain Woody
5/2/2024 Logan Observation: Hell Canyon Toby and Belle Weed
4/30/2024 Salt Lake Observation: Big Cottonwood Canyon Craig Gordon
4/29/2024 Logan Avalanche: Eastern Slopes of Wellsville Range weed
4/27/2024 Salt Lake Avalanche: Baldy JB
4/27/2024 Salt Lake Avalanche: Alta Periphery adam
4/27/2024 Salt Lake Avalanche: Toledo Chutes Ambler, Wiehe
4/27/2024 Salt Lake Avalanche: East Bowl Arnar
4/27/2024 Salt Lake Avalanche: Alta Ski Area Kirk and Justin
4/24/2024 Salt Lake Observation: Gods Lawnmower marianna
4/22/2024 Salt Lake Avalanche: Superior UDOT LCC
4/22/2024 Salt Lake Avalanche: Red Pine Gulch Ambler, Noteboom
4/22/2024 Salt Lake Avalanche: Stairs Gulch UDOT BCC
4/22/2024 Logan Observation: Logan Dry Canyon Schumacher
4/21/2024 Salt Lake Avalanche: Ivory Flakes TyeDyeTwins
4/20/2024 Ogden Avalanche: Ben Lomond AM
4/20/2024 Salt Lake Avalanche: Little Superior KG
4/20/2024 Salt Lake Avalanche: Deseret Peak Ambler