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E.g., 10/03/2023
E.g., 10/03/2023
Date Region Observer
6/11/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Salt Lake Tony Anderson
6/6/2023 Provo Avalanche: Provo Owen Blake
6/4/2023 Provo Observation: Provo Ryan Shea
5/25/2023 Salt Lake Observation: Salt Lake Michael B
5/21/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Red Pine Gulch Scott
5/20/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Salt Lake Conor Newman
5/14/2023 Salt Lake Accident: Lake Peak Andrew
5/13/2023 Provo Accident: Big Springs Peyton Cox
5/9/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Stairs Gulch Jason W
5/9/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Microwave R
5/8/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Sugarloaf Martin
5/7/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Red Top Mountain Crest
5/7/2023 Salt Lake Observation: Guardsman Pass area ZSmith
5/7/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: No Name Baldy Mr Hopkins and Mr Duncan
5/6/2023 Salt Lake Observation: Squaretop JRDIII
5/6/2023 Salt Lake Observation: Room of Doom Jimmy
5/6/2023 Salt Lake Observation: Brighton Perimeter B
5/3/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Mill B South Michael B
5/3/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Stairs Gulch UDOT and Stetson
5/3/2023 Provo Observation: Provo Faceshot
5/2/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Lake Mary Zee-jay
5/1/2023 Logan Observation: Wood Camp Ethan M and Mitchell B
4/30/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Broads Fork Michael B
4/30/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Cardiff Fork UAC Staff
4/30/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Coalpit Coyne
4/30/2023 Salt Lake Observation: Snake Creek B
4/30/2023 Salt Lake Observation: Mt. Raymond Mr and Mrs Hopkins
4/29/2023 Salt Lake Observation: Mill D North Michael B
4/28/2023 Provo Observation: Timpanogos Fluff diver
4/27/2023 Salt Lake Observation: Mill D North Dawn R
4/27/2023 Salt Lake Observation: Dog Lake area Dawn R.
4/27/2023 Uintas Observation: Gold Hill Ted Scroggin
4/26/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Grandview Peak Eric Hopkins
4/26/2023 Salt Lake Observation: Superior Yicheng Zhang
4/25/2023 Logan Avalanche: Folly weed
4/25/2023 Salt Lake Observation: Greens Basin Nathan Z
4/25/2023 Provo Observation: Rock Canyon Chamberlain
4/23/2023 Ogden Avalanche: Burch Creek Martin K
4/23/2023 Ogden Avalanche: Snowbasin Backcountry
4/23/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Snake Creek Andrew Nassetta via Third-Party
4/23/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: No Name Bowl jt
4/23/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Monte Cristo Andy
4/23/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Mt Raymond Mike Smells
4/23/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Park City Ridgeline KJ
4/22/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Patsy Marly John
4/22/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Flagstaff Gully John Easterling
4/22/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Pfeifferhorn SB
4/22/2023 Logan Avalanche: Cornice Ridge Jeremy Jensen
4/22/2023 Salt Lake Observation: Mt Aire Owen Crandall
4/22/2023 Ogden Avalanche: Ben Lomond Paul Mathewson