Powderkeg Clinic: Companion Rescue

The Utah Avalanche Center and Wasatch Powderkeg are teaming up to present an avalanche rescue clinic.  This will be a 3 hour clinic in and around Brighton to hone your partner rescue skills, covering scene assessment, beacon searching, probing, strategic digging, and packaging and transporting an injured partner.  For more information on the entire Powderkeg event, go here.

Wasatch Powderkeg February 24

You and your partners count on each other in the backcountry.  The way to become competent at rescue skills is to practice.


Once you have located your buried partner, the hard part starts.  You need to know how to dig them out quickly, administer first aid, keep them warm, and get professional help, often in challenging conditions, always mindful of rescuer safety.

Requirements & Logistics

A one ride lift pass will be included.  This clinic will be held in the backcountry regardless of weather, so come prepared to stay out all afternoon.  You must have a beacon, shovel, and probe.  You should bring the pack and contents you would normally have when you head into the backcountry.

Plan to arrive and check in by 8:45 am.  We'll meet up at 9:00 pm and will return about 12:30 pm

Cancellation policy: Our classes generally fill up.  If you can't attend the class, please let us know by 5pm Friday afternoon the week before class for a full refund.  If you cancel after that but more than 24 hours before the evening class, we'll refund all but $50 of your fee. After 6 pm the day before class, there will be no refund.

Brighton Resort