Donate in other ways

There are other easy ways to contribute to the Utah Avalanche Center.

  • Give When You Shop
    If you sell on Ebay, you can choose to have your seller fees donated to the FUAC instead of going to Ebay. Go here to select the FUAC as a favorite non-profit.  When you do that & select "Ebay Gives", they send us a check whenever you sell something.

    When you buy online from REIBackcountry.comPatagoniaNRS, or Amazon by clicking on these links, they donate a portion of your purchase to the FUAC.  REI will ship your purchase for free to a local store. If you have a Smith's Food & Drug Rewards card, sign up for their Community Rewards program and set the Utah Avalanche Center as your favorite charity.  When you shop there they'll donate to the UAC. And you still get the gas points!
  • Workplace Giving: You can donate to the UAC through your workplace giving plan. If you do not have a workplace giving plan and would like to set one up, please contact us.
  • Become A Utah Avalanche Center Business Sponsor
    Contact us to learn about our business sponsorship program, supporting a great cause and promoting your brand.
  • Donate Stock and Get Tax Benefits
    When you donate shares of stock that have appreciated, you a) don't have to pay tax on any gains and b) get to deduct the entire current value of the gifted stock. And the UAC gets a donation equal to the value of your stock. Pretty sweet deal for everyone.
  • Planned Giving
    Have you thought of including the Utah Avalanche Center in your estate planning?  By designating a non-profit as the beneficiary of your life insurance, you maintain control of your policy and the ability to change it and can leave behind a lasting legacy.  You can do the same with your will.  Talk to your estate planning professional for more ideas and to get details on how you can leave a legacy of avalanche safety and awareness.


  • Endowment Fund
    The FUAC created an Endowment and Contingency fund to assure the long-term financial sustainability of the UAC. The fund was established in 2007 to help ensure the long-term sustainability and continued impact of avalanche awareness, education, research, and forecasting in Utah. Our goal is to increase this fund to $2 Million by December 31, 2016 through large donations and judicious investing for conservative growth and income. Earnings from this fund will support:‚Äč

    Please contact us for details on how you can participate in this program.

    • Innovative new educational products
    • Research efforts to better understand the snow and behavioral science contributing to avalanche accidents
    • The integration of emerging technology and media into avalanche safety, forecasting, and awareness Avalanche
    • Forecaster professional development
    • Stable long term operations funding

The Bottom Line: Your donations keep avalanche forecasts and reports in Utah going. Please – if you use and value this service, join the team and help us out. It’s easy and tax - deductible.