2012/2013 Utah Adventure Journal Speaker Series

1/17 Mike Libecki 

In search of Virgin Vertical Earth: First ascents in Afghanistan, Antartica, Yemen, Venezuela, China, Indonesia, Baffin Island and More! 

Mike will bring you as close to bing there with him without actually going. Come explore some of the most remote corners of the planet looking for big, unclimbed rock formations, in places where rescue is close to impossible. Embrace colorful, amazing culture and people. encounter polar bears, deadly scorpians and tick-bugs stuck to the worst possible place on your body, and of course, climb huge rock walls in some of the wildest most stunning areas on Earth. 

Thurdsdays at 6:00pm-21+-Wildflower Lounge at the Iron Blosam Lodge-Snowbird 

40cent wings, $3 Coors bottles and $7 pizzas 

Admission is Free- A $5 donation to the Utah Avalanche Center gets you 3 tickets to a drawing with great prizes from our sponsors 

Thursday, January 17, 2013 - 6:00pm