Level 1 Refresher

Provided by Utah Mountain Adventures
Salt Lake
Friday, January 11, 2019
Fri, 6PM - 9PM Sat, 8AM - 4PM
Utah Mountain Adventures Level 1 Refresher: Review material learned in Level I, update your knowledge to newer stability tests, and sharpen rusty rescue skills. Designed for those who haven’t taken a Level I class for 3 years or more, and not desiring a Level 2 certification, this class will re-affirm backcountry leadership skills in avalanche prone ski, snowshoe, ice and alpine climbing terrain. Includes identification of snow crystal types and processes leading to them; how to record and interpret information gained from snow pits and stability tests, and companion rescue clinic.
Course Description: The evening lecture on Friday from 6-9 pm will be a review of snow science terminology, weak layer formation and recognition, rescue, terrain, weather, and the human factor. Instructors will use anecdotes, slides, powerpoint presentations, and other visual aids to go over these topics. A Q & A forum and plan for the field day will conclude the evening. The Saturday field session will be an applied review of the above topics, assuming a pre-existing Level 1 knowledge base. Students will travel on skins or snowshoes in the backcountry, ideally covering some distance and making route-finding and stability decisions. Instructors will work with no more than 6 students each to review safe travel procedures, dig snowpits, perform stability tests, practice beacon search and rescue scenarios.
Register here or contact Utah Mountain Adventures:
phone: 801-550-3986

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