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Help us raise $75,000.

Why It Matters:

  • Your safety matters! The Utah Avalanche Center's website is your ultimate resource for staying safe in the backcountry.
  • Every donation supports rebuilding our website, ensuring access to critical tools and knowledge.
  • The current website platform will be losing support, so we must rebuild it to continue offering all of our available resources online. 
  • This will be the UAC's largest website project, requiring a full recoding of our website. The project will take close to 18 months with a cost of almost $90,000

What You Can Find On The Website:

  • Free Forecasts: Access up-to-date avalanche forecasts to plan your backcountry adventures safely.
  • Observations and Avalanches: Access to over 23,000 field records to provide information on current and historical conditions.
  • Educational Resources: Dive into a wealth of educational materials to enhance your understanding of avalanche safety.
  • Classes: Enroll in life-saving avalanche safety courses taught by experienced professionals.
  • Events: Stay informed about upcoming events and gatherings focused on backcountry safety and education.

Donate Today and Join Us in Making a Difference:

  • Donate online from this page
  • Via Venmo to @UtahAvalancheCenter
  • Mail a check to Utah Avalanche Center, PO Box 521353, Salt Lake City, UT 84152-1353

Your contribution fuels our mission to keep backcountry riders safe and help build a strong backcountry community. Together, we can rebuild and enhance our website, making it an even more valuable resource for all. 

Donate $100 or more by March 25 and be entered to win your choice of a BCA Float E2 25L or Float E2 Turbo 25L airbag pack. Thank you for supporting our website rebuild and supporting avalanche forecasting, awareness, and education in Utah!

  • $15: Cost to send 1 SMS notification of changing avalanche conditions (sign up here). 
  • $100: Cost to publish 2 backcountry observations
  • $250: One month of daily forecast emails across 8 regions. 
  • $500: Cost to produce 1 forecast, including 8-10 hours of fieldwork and analysis. 
  • $1000: Support our new website design costs. The project is estimated to take 18 months to complete, and you can help us get there.
  • $2500: Support our new website development costs. The project is estimated to take 18 months to complete, and you can help us get there.

Become A Member: To support the UAC on an ongoing basis, consider becoming a Member! This supports our website rebuild and demonstrates your commitment to forecasting, education, and awareness tools that build a safer backcountry community. 

Fun All Month Long!
Throughout the month on social media, join us as we unveil daily facts about avalanche safety, delve into UAC history, and provide an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse into our operations. Our " Did You Know" series promises engaging drawings, fascinating facts, and valuable knowledge, empowering you to be part of our campaign! 

Learn about other ways to support the UAC here.

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