You play an important role in helping the Utah Avalanche Center fulfill our mission to keep people on top of The Greatest Snow on Earth® by providing avalanche forecasting, awareness, and education throughout the state of Utah. By making a donation today you are investing in the tools, technology, and people who carry out the UAC’s work day after day. Our team is committed to arming you with the information you need to have fun and come home safely from every day in the backcountry. Donate to our 2023 Spring Campaign to support the services you and your loved ones rely on.

Your support will help the UAC fund important technology projects:

  • Develop data visualization for our avalanche, accident and observation data allowing you to easily filter for just the information you want.
  • Implement an SMS notification system allowing you to subscribe to text messages from the UAC notifying you of critical information like High or Extreme avalanche danger, changing conditions, and avalanche accidents.
  • Development of a new UAC website.
  • Install additional weather stations in remote areas.

Donate today!

  • Donate online here
  • Via Venmo to @UtahAvalancheCenter
  • Mail a check to Utah Avalanche Center, PO Box 521353, Salt Lake City, UT 84152-1353

Donate $100 or more by March 14 and be entered for a chance to win a BCA Tracker 3, a pair of BCA Link Radios, a 3-pack of Grip6 Premium Belts, or 1 of 5 avalanche probes. Check Instagram or Facebook for prize details!

What your donation covers:

  • $16,000: The SMS notification system utilizes a third-party application to send messages. Your support covers the cost of sending messages for one year. Email Hannah to support the SMS notification system.
  • $5,000: The UAC website is your go-to resource to learn about current avalanche conditions and help you be prepared for your day in the backcountry. $5,000 covers the costs to host the UAC’s website for one year.
  • $1,200: Understanding the weather is an essential part of avalanche forecasting and of your backcountry decision-making toolkit. Understanding the weather is an essential part of avalanche forecasting and of your backcountry decision-making toolkit. Support the purchase and installation of a weather station.  
  • $500: Producing one avalanche forecast requires an 8-10 hour field day, several hours to review public field observations, analysis of current and future weather models, discussion with the National Weather Service forecast staff, and thoughtful considerations of how all these factors impact the avalanche danger for the day. A $500 donation covers the cost of one forecast.
  • $320: During the 2021-2022 season UAC forecasters conducted 394 field days, an essential piece of every published forecast. This donation covers the cost of one field day.
  • $100: Videos on changing conditions are one of the most valuable awareness products the UAC produces. These informational videos help to alert the public to changing snow and avalanche conditions as a storm impacts the state. For the 2021-2022 season, the UAC posted 500 videos receiving over 2.4M views. A $100 donation covers the cost for the UAC to produce one of these videos.
  • $50: The UAC forecast staff depends on daily observations submitted by the public. For the 2021-2022 season, there were 1,132 observations submitted which were viewed over 500,000 times. $50 covers the cost of one observation which includes the forecast staff reviewing and publishing each observation.

Learn about other ways to support the UAC here.

Please email us with any questions or concerns.
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